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Terms & Conditions


As a consumer at you are covered by:

The Consumer Purchase Act, The Consumer Services Act, and law on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises.

For you, as a private person, Distance Selling Act applies (see below regarding the Right to withdrawal) as well as Purchase Act, which has strict provisions, which means that the law applies, even though you have agreed on something else.

For companies, including individual traders, Purchase Act applies, which is dispositive, which means that agreements between companies apply primary before the law.

We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 . When you, as a private individual, register and place your order, you also agree that we store and use your personal information in our business to best fulfill our commitment to you. We protect your information according to Data Protection Act, and you are entitled to access the data as well as to get it deleted if you wish.

Should any condition be found invalid as per United States or EU law, this shall not mean that the terms of purchase as a whole will be void, but the invalid condition shall in such case be replaced by equivalent legal text.


Promotional prices cannot be combined with discount codes or other offers.

Promotions and offers are only valid on purchases made while the promotion or offer is active. All promotions are valid as long as stock lasts and we cannot reserve products that have sold out during promotions. We reserve the right to make any errors as well incorrect stock balances.


Discount codes are valid once per purchase and you cannot combine discount codes.


If you are under the age of 18 you must have parental permission before placing an order. Such permission can be given by a parent sending their express permission to us by e-mail.

All false orders are tracked and reported to police or any other law enforcement department, and if we suffered financial damage, we will demand compensation.


When you have added items to the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout, you will see which payment method applies if prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT and which VAT-rate applies. Delivery will take place within 3-7 days unless it is stated at the order or any subsequent correspondence that delivery time is longer.

In addition to the price, shipping costs may apply. These are, if so, listed in the online store’s checkout. Normally no additional fees will be added, but if so, it will be clearly stated during the ordering process and subsequent correspondence.

In the online store, items may be marked with delivery indication. We reserve the right to delete non-deliverable items from your order with a price reduction. If you wish to order another equivalent product, this is to be considered a new order. If you wish to cancel an item due to delays with delivery, this is possible until the item has been effectuated, i.e., invoice or freight handling has been created. Partial deliveries occur only at your request and provides additional shipping cost for you.

When you make your order, the checkout shows which delivery method is applicable. It is your responsibility to ensure that the address you entered at the time of purchase is correct.


You can make changes to your order of stocked goods until the order has been effectuated. If the change is approved, any price differences will be adjusted according to the price applicable at the time of change.

Private individuals have a right of withdrawal, see under the heading “Right of withdrawal”.


Cancellation is not valid until you have received confirmation from us. You can cancel your order free of charge until the order has been effectuated. After this time, you, who have ordered for your company, are required to accept the delivery.

Private individuals have a right of withdrawal, see under the heading “Right of withdrawal”.

Companies that cancel a custom-made product must pay compensation for costs incurred until cancellation and non-profit.


As an individual, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 30 days under the Distance Selling Act. You have no right of withdrawal if you ordered a product that has been manufactured according to your instructions or otherwise has a clear personal touch.

Please note that by law you are to pay for the return shipping costs and by law may pay for a product’s reduction in value in case you handled the product to a greater extent than was necessary to determine its characteristics or function.

The withdrawal period begins on the day you received the item. If you ordered several items or the item you ordered consists of several parts, the withdrawal period begins when you receive the last item and the last part of the item.

In case of withdrawal/return, we do not refund the shipping costs back to you and the responsibility that the shipment reaches us lies with you as a customer. In case of defective packaging or obvious impact on the product, price reductions will be between 15-100% of the product’s value. In the case of an approved return, the product value and shipping are paid in connection with the order.

If you want to use your right of withdrawal you can contact us under the tab labeled “Contact Us”. You will receive a confirmation of your message, and we will take a stance on if the conditions for your withdrawal are valid. You will then receive an e-mail with information on how you should send back the product.

After we receive the returned item, the purchase price will be refunded to you within 30 days from the day we received the cancellation notice.

If you order a product that is special made to order then it is not possible to withdraw. Hygiene articles such as In-Ear Headphones cannot be undone due to hygiene.


If you as a private individual has received a damaged product, or if we have sent the wrong item, the reclamation process should be filed within 7 days from when you noticed or should have noticed the problem. The reclamation period is at most 3 months depending on the nature of the item as well as any eventual guarantee obligations.

If you as a company has received a damaged product, or if we have sent the wrong item, you should file reclamation of the item as soon as you receive it.

For both private individuals as well as companies the damaged / faulty item should be returned in equal packaging and with the same delivery method as it was received, together with a thorough description of the problem.

You must then make a complaint through our website by following the instructions under “Exchange and Return“.

If we cannot send a new product to you within a reasonable time, we will refund the return shipping cost as well as what you initially paid for the damaged or faulty item.

Compatibility issues can be common between different products. We recommend that you research as much as possible before placing your order to avoid unnecessary costs.

You can find our return delivery note here, it should be sent to the address below:

Return form


We reserve ourselves against any printing errors, as well as errors in information and specifications regarding products and services included in our product range.


Both parties are to be free from the completion of the deal if there is a hindrance or anything that makes it impossible to deliver the order that is caused by conditions that any part has no control over.

These conditions may include such things as fires, war, restrictions of currency, strikes, power outage or acts of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc.)

This also includes if there arise any issues on delivery from the producer and/or to the customer.


The Complaints Board is able to provide a free-of-cost procedure that you as a private person can use in case of a dispute. Our policy is to always follow the recommendations of the Complaints Board.

Disputes between companies are to be settled in US court.


We reserve the right to cancel and refund any mass orders or orders from resellers.




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